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When two worlds collide.

How do you balance raising a child in today’s world and establishing a firm foundation for their future?

Being a child in today’s world is complex. Raising a child in such complexity can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. You can find yourself questioning if your child still feels your love as you move through expected (and sometimes unexpected) milestones and transitions.

With childrens and teens counseling at SALT, we can help you and your child navigate common challenges and regain a sense of purposeful direction.

Does there have to be conflict of old & new parenting styles?

Let’s admit it, there may be things you would want your parents to have done differently while you were growing up. But what if you looked at their choices from a different perspective? Not everything our parents did was bad, right? Some of the older ways of raising children can still be applicable today, but are most effective when used in conjunction with more modern parenting styles.

For example, the world of exploring feelings and giving children a real voice is somewhat a new way of thinking. The old motto of “no bad days” and “kids are to be seen and not heard” are mentalities that are no longer embraced by many families. However, some may see these new parenting styles as “coddling” or “enabling”, and struggle with feeling this will result in chaos and defiance in their child. While finding the middle ground between old-school and new-school worlds takes time, it is something that can result in healthier family dynamics and children who become responsible and emotionally mature adults. At SALT, this can be achieved by working with our children’s therapists who incorporate a parent’s point of view into therapy while validating a child’s experience. It’s a process that we are honored to be a part of.

Why can’t my kid just be a kid?

A child’s innocence is something, as we age, we realize is truly a gift. Figuring out how to maintain that innocence is challenging and oftentimes an unpopular or culturally taboo concept. So how do you help your child embrace their uniqueness while encouraging exploration in the world? Between the social pressures of school, technology, and social media it can be challenging to know which way to turn.

SALTs children’s therapists believe a child’s innocence is to be cherished. Working with the family we can develop a framework of values, boundaries, validation, rewards, privileges, and consequences that are age-appropriate and parent-approved.

It seems like my child’s emotions are in charge. How can i help?

Children experience big, real emotions and sometimes it’s hard to know what to do or how to help your child through those difficult moments. Developing emotional intelligence in kids has been shown to be just as important (and in some cases more important) than typical intelligence. The way children are able to recognize, be mindful of, name, and process through emotions is an indicator of future healthy relationships and overall well-being. Even adults can benefit from emotional intelligence 😉. After all,if you haven’t learned it how can you be expected to do it? SALT’s highly trained therapists can help kids hyperfocus on emotions to develop a strategy for owning those emotions instead of those emotions owning them.


Common Issues Addressed in Children and/or Parenting Sessions:

Anxiety and fears
Sensory overload
Opposition and defiance
Blended family dynamics
Abuse and Neglect
Body Awareness and Safety
Eating disorders
Limited or unhealthy peer support
Grief and loss
Difficulties with transitions
Adoption and foster care

“One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade.” – Chinese Proverb

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