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You did it. You are here. One of the hardest parts of beginning the therapy process is reaching out for help. We pride ourselves on being the exception to any experience you’ve heard about or have had in counseling. We strive to give you all of the information up front, that is necessary to begin counseling, before you start sharing your story with our counselors.

SALT is a safe place for people of all walks and perspectives – that’s why we do everything in our power to make our space comfortable and inviting. No fluorescent lighting or TVs. Soft music playing and soothing scents are just a few ways we try to make your experience as healing and peaceful as possible.


Frequently asked questions

Do you take my insurance?

More than likely, yes! Below are the insurances SALT currently accepts, but our credentialing department is working quickly to offer more insurance coverage soon. We accept the below insurances:

  • Aetna
  • Ambetter
  • AR Benefits
  • Beacon Health Options
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Cigna
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Federal BlueCross BlueShield
  • Health Advantage
  • Municipal Health Benefit Program
  • QualChoice
  • Tricare
  • UMR
  • United Healthcare
How much do counseling sessions cost?

All services at SALT are provided by master’s-level clinicians, who have specialized training and education to provide the highest quality care in mental health. The exact cost for services depends on your insurance coverage, which is determined by your insurance policy. This includes your deductible, out-of-pocket amounts and/or co-insurance that you may be financially responsible for. Our first step in helping you set up services will be to verify your policy benefits and eligibility and discuss all options with you prior to scheduling an appointment.

If insurance is unable to cover services we offer a competitive self-pay rate listed below. Payment for your session will be collected at time of service. We accept cash, HSAs, and all major credit/debit cards for payment.

Self pay rates for therapy services provided by LPC, LCSW, LPE-I.

Diagnostic Assessment – $150

Individual Session (50 – 60 min) – $125

Couple / Family Session (50 – 60 min) – $175

Self pay rates for serviced provided by LAC, LMSW

Diagnostic Assessment – $110

Individual Session (50 – 60 min) – $95

Couple / Family Session (50 – 60 min) – $110

A sliding scale application is available for those who are experiencing financial hardship and more significant discounts are based on income eligibility.


How do appointments work? What if I need to move or cancel my session?

As a courtesy, our office provides automated text reminders of upcoming appointments. Clients are able to leave appointment concerns via text or voicemail after hours if needed. While we understand sometimes things happen and it’s difficult to make your appointment, please remember that our policy states a 24 hour notice of any cancellation or reschedule is required. This policy allows ample time for unused appointment times to be readily available to others who can use them. Appointments not cancelled within the 24 hours prior to, will incur a $50 late cancellation fee.

Does what we talk about stay confidential?

Yes and no. We are bound by the laws of confidentiality. Meaning, it’s illegal for us to share your information with others without your consent because of HIPAA. Even if we have consent we disclose at a minimal level. And ethically, breaching confidentiality damages the therapeutic relationship. However, it’s important to note that we have exceptions to the rule. If you disclose child abuse or neglect; elderly abuse or neglect; or vulnerable population (disabled) abuse or neglect then we are required to report that information. We do not determine the validity of the claim or statement. If we hear those instances of abuse or neglect then we report to the proper channels. Also, if there is intent to harm yourself or someone else we will disclose necessary information to keep you and the public safe.

Our therapists are trained to discuss these issues with you so that you feel comfortable sharing what you need to.

Shouldn't I be able to handle this by myself? Does seeing a therapist mean I'm weak or flawed?

There are times in everyone’s life where things become too much to manage alone. We believe we weren’t designed to be alone, but to be in relationship with others. A lot of people have different levels of coping, resilience, and support. In the same note, people have a continuum of stress. Some things (or a lot of things at once) are more distressing than others. When the combination of these collide you might find yourself stressed to max, alone, and unable to cope or deal with what’s happening in a healthy way. And that’s okay! A lot of people seek counseling. Even therapists see therapists sometimes! We view therapy as a form of self-care or preventive measure. However, a lot of people see counseling services as a last resort. Luckily, we are there in all phases and stages for you. And if we aren’t a good fit for you we will help you find someone who is.

Do I need to be a Christian to receive services from SALT?

SALT in no way, shape, or form discriminates against race, ethnicity, gender, culture, or religion. We provide mental health services based on client preference and needs for integration in treatment.

SALT is a safe place for people of all walks and perspectives. While we all struggle with life from time to time, some situations have us seeking a place where these issues can be addressed with some degree of spiritual processing and insight. We are here to provide this should this be your need. If it isn’t, please don’t worry. We respect each person and their personal convictions and beliefs. We recognize that everyone comes to us with different views about God and faith, and we have many clients who identify as non-religious or with another faith.

We put priority on making each person feel welcomed, comfortable, and accepted. We want you to choose if and how you would like to incorporate your personal faith or spirituality into your counseling experience with SALT.

SALT’s worldview will never infringe upon your value system, but it’s a integral part of how we see ourselves.

Do you offer medication management services?

Our clinic is a counseling-based clinic, so we do not offer medication management services in our location at this time. However, we work with medication management services with prescribers to provide quality care and options to our clients.

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