we all have a story; here’s ours

Story of SALT

In today’s world, it is easy to overlook the importance and impact of salt. We most often give it credit for enhancing the flavor of our food, but we have forgotten the richness of its purpose and history. This granule of simplicity holds properties that have been valued and sought after for centuries. So much so that, with a little research, you will find how salt has played an essential role in historical, metaphorical, and spiritual contexts. Salt is essential in preserving food and provides a release to our bodies when we need it the most without even thinking about it. The flavor of salt is that physical release in sweat and tears. That release of emotions is the body’s response to pain, heartache, stress, and hard work. The mindfulness to experience salt in a way that connects us to ourselves and our humanness is a skill that goes beyond the physical world.

At times you may hear people being described as “salt of the earth” or “worth their weight in salt”. This description reflects a person of goodness, simplicity, morally sound and of immense value. The origin of this metaphor can be found in the scriptures of Matthew when Jesus calls to his believers stating “You are salt of the earth” and adding “but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned?” (Matthew 5:13). This reference to faith and testimony became the foundation for SALT’s worldview. A reminder that we are all susceptible to being affected by our surroundings and potentially robbed of our value if we are not careful. We hope to help enhance the lives of others while being a lifeline to help preserve the beliefs and values most important.

all are welcome here

SALT is a safe place for people of all walks and perspectives. We put priority on making each person feel welcomed, comfortable, and accepted. We want you to choose if and how you would like to incorporate your personal faith or spirituality into your counseling experience with SALT. SALT’s worldview will never infringe upon your value system, but it’s an integral part of how we see ourselves.