Kim Johnson, LPC

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Meet Kim

I am a life long learner.
For as long as I can remember I have been enthusiastically learning  about the human mind. My curiosity often led to the questions “why do some people act like that? What makes them that way? Can people really change?”. And I’ve never been one to settle for the “that’s just them” type of response. Because of that, I was and continue to be, drawn to understanding.

I have worn many hats prior to becoming a therapist over 13 years ago. My travels have blessed me to cross paths with many colorful people over the years, with all kinds of life stories. What I have witnessed time again, is this. Understanding is a key that unlocks so many God given strengths and gifts that we don’t realize are just below the surface. They are there waiting. I have watched understanding foster healing, allowing us to find compassion for ourselves or others and move towards the change we want so desperately.

I am not your typical therapist.
I value the importance of just being real with people. I love and appreciate deep conversations, the kind that encourage insight and inspiration. But those don’t happen without a connection. I am here to be honest, authentic and even lean on humor when needed to remind us we are all human. Yes, I have gone through lengthy and specific education and training to be in the role I am in. But that does not make me, or any other therapist, the “expert” of your life; you are. When we join all of these things together, our therapeutic relationship becomes a true powerhouse.

For those who are curious of my clinical experience, I’m glad you have kept reading. Much of my work involves helping both men and women who have found themselves in the grip of depression, anxiety, spiritual turmoil or a loss of their sense of self. I am an advocate for building emotional intelligence and helping others recover from the effects of toxic or emotionally manipulative relationships. Issues including church hurt, divorce recovery, infidelity, grief, infertility, personality disorders and co-dependency are just a few more to name. If you don’t see your struggle listed, please don’t be discouraged. Things don’t always come with a label or fit in a box. Reach out and let’s see if we can figure it out together.


Kim's Areas of Interest + Expertise:

Relationship Issues
Borderline Personality


Education & Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Criminology – Arkansas State University

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology – Arkansas State University

Master of Science in Community Counseling – University of Central Arkansas

TF-CBT Trained


Kim's life outside of the clinic:

I love to travel and explore new places, I adore music and being out in nature any way I can, especially if it involves the water!

I have an amazing Triangle Family with my husband and daughter. My fun fact is that I taught myself to play the guitar–even though I can’t read a lick of sheet music!

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